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M-Thrive for Parents and Professionals
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M-Thrive Referral System

As a single point of entry, access to our service comes via a referral form. The referral forms can be completed by parents/carers, schools, general practitioners, a self-referral form can also be completed via the self-access form on our website. If a young person engages with our service and gets their desired outcome, however further down the line a new issue presents itself, the option to re-refer into the service is always available.


Our service covers various areas across the north, central, and south districts within Manchester, we also have a hub which covers areas within Salford. Each referral we receive will be allocated to a specific hub based upon the location of the young persons registered GP Practice, not school or home address.

Types of service we offer

M-Thrive is a low-level intervention service, operating within the ‘getting advice’ and ‘getting help’ sections of the thrive framework quadrant. Our service is designed to advise, guide, signpost and get help for young people within Manchester currently facing mental health and emotional wellbeing issues.

M-Thrive Roles