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M-thrive Blog

Welcome to M-Thrive

10 May 2023
Category 1

Hello and welcome to the first installment of the M-Thrive Blog.

This is a new part to our ever-growing and rapidly improving service. This is the place to be to hear about what's going on at M-thrive as well the positive impact we are having on communities within Manchester. 

If you haven't already heard of our service and what we offer, M-Thrive is a single point of entry, front door to Manchester's emotional wellbeing and mental health offer for young people aged 5-18. 

The M-Thrive team have been working extremely hard to develop solid working relationships with our partners, services, and the community of Manchester and so far, we have offered emotional, health and wellbeing support to many children and young people. 

Our team will help children and young people to find the right service to help with their needs which includes exploring what’s on offer in their community such as art classes, sports clubs, dance or music groups and other opportunities like arts and culture intervention as well as services such as counselling for bereavement or anxiety related issues.

Through adopting a working together approach with key partners and services we can shape the future for children and young people. Working together with services, education and beyond will allow us as a community to focus on an individual purpose for our children and young people in Manchester and empower them to Thrive further within their own communities.

A lot has been happening behind the scenes lately, here across our hubs and within the community, which we are all keen and excited to share with you.

So, key partners, schools and colleges, keep your eyes peeled we will be coming your way to offer more consultation services to support the emotional mental health and wellbeing within your settings to support you on improving your current offers and to start to reduce stigma around mental health, its everyone’s responsibility, so let’s start embracing this ‘together’.